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11 Catchy Sentences to Start Your Blog Post With

Are you looking for catchy first sentences? Starting a blog post is not easy because you need to make sure that it is catchy, effective and awesome.  Have you ever heard about sentence generator? If you’re looking for tips, search no more! The following highlights expert tips to help you come up with an interesting introduction for your entry.

catchy first sentences


Ideal Length for Blog Post: Blog Post Writing Tips

According to Kevan Lee, the ideal length of a blog post should be 1,700 words. He said that the ideal blog post is 7 minutes long that contains 1,700 words. Regardless, in the article Best Length for Blog, it said that the ideas words for a post are 2,500.

This length is ideal when it comes to SEO opportunities. The fact is that word count is one of the ways to get the Google’s attention. On the other hand, if you want to capture the attention of people with infographics, videos, bullet points, rich details and images, then make sure that you do not engage them with 2,500 words because you surely get lower engagement than higher engagement.

Tips from the Experts in Writing Catchy Blog Post

Here are the experts who share their pieces of advice on how to start a blog post so that you can attract readers.

  • Brian Clark: Brian is the CEO and founder of Copy blogger and he said that in order to have a catchy blog post, get ideas from your audience. You need to make a blog post answering questions from individuals. Also, you need to understand your audience by doing lots of research.
  • Adii Pienaar: Adii is the founder of Public Beta. He recommends writing for yourself before you write a blog post. You need to be focusing on your ideas, opinions, and thoughts as well as to figure out what to write.
  • Kristi Hines: She is a professional blogger and freelance writer. She said that in constructing the best blog post, you should build your email list. Even though you do not have plans in selling, having an email list will allow you to promote new content without worrying about Facebook Edge Rank, search rankings and others.
  • Darren Rowse: He is the founder of Pro Blogger and said that you need to love your existing readers. You need to appreciate the readers you already have.  There are some bloggers that get obsessed in finding new readers to the point that they ignore the readers they already have.
  • Nate Kontny: He is the founder of Draft. According to him, you need to end your blog post with an amazing call to action.
  • Neil Patel: He is the founder KISS metrics, and according to him, consistency is a key that bloggers should not forget. He said that it is better to lose traffic than to build new post again.
  • Jay Baer: Jay is the author of Youtility and said that you should not be afraid in displaying what you know. You need to share what you know than keeping it. There are people who follow this by offering downloadable PDFs to their readers.
  • Chris Pirillo: He is the CEO and founder of Locker Gnome and said that in writing a blog post, you need to stay with your tone and voice.

Writing a blog post is not easy because you need to be consistent and ensure to make your post short. You also need to follow the rules and guidelines in writing so that you can attract readers and to have unique sentences.

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