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7 Reasons to Use a Complex Sentence Generator

Reword Generator

What Is a Complex Sentence?

A complex sentence is one in which there is an independent clause and a dependent clause. These are used for many different reasons such as to show relationships between the two clauses such as for cause and effect; “The bull ran rapidly across the field, it had been attracted by the red flag.” A good complex sentence changer generator can help with your writing and rewrite by creating different sentence structures for you.

complex sentence generator help

There are actually 4 different types of sentence structures that you can use. The first is a “Simple” sentence. This contains just one independent clause such as “I caught the bus.”

The first is a “Simple” sentence. This contains just one independent clause such as “I caught the bus.”
The first is a The second is a “Compound” sentence. This has two independent clauses that are joined within the sentence with a conjunction. An example of a compound sentence could be: “I caught the bus, and I did not take a taxi.”
The first is a The third; a complex sentence contains two clauses, one of which is dependent on the other. For example: “I caught the bus as I ran very fast to catch it.”
The first is a fourth type is a compound-complex sentence. This contains two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. For example; “I caught the bus as I ran very fast to catch it and I did not take a taxi.”

Within a complex sentence, either the dependent or the independent clause can be most important and there is no reason for one or the other to come first within the sentence. The only thing that makes the sentence the sentence complex is the joining of the second and even a third clause that is dependent on the independent clause of the sentence.

What Does a Complex Sentence Generator Do?

Our complex sentence maker is able to take your current writing and paraphrase it in a way that will turn your writing into something far richer. It will take the ideas within your original sentences and turn them into more complex versions. Our algorithms within the tool are able to provide you with well written and accurate complex sentences examples.

To use the tool is very easy indeed. Just post the original sentences within the box within the tool and complete the security question. The software will then review your original text and then convert it into a more complex version. The wording will be accurate, maintaining the original meaning, but will be unique when compared to the original as any good paraphrase should be.

complex sentence generator online

Complex Sentence Examples

Our complex sentence maker can provide you with many different complex sentences based on your original text. The following are some complex sentence examples:

  • The quick red fox jumped over the dog, it was too lazy to stop it.
  • I was not paying attention when running for the bus, so I tripped and fell.
  • Because the joint was not thoroughly cooked I threw it back in the oven.
  • I returned the car to the mechanic as the rattle was still not fixed.
  • Even though we were invited we chose not to go to the party.
  • Even though the acting was very good I just did not enjoy the film.

Some Complex Sentence Words

When making a complex sentence you will join the dependent and independent clauses using linking words. These linking words are conjunctions or subordinators. Different subordinators offer different functions such as attributive clauses, reasons and conditions to name a few. The following are some of the most frequently used complex sentence words:

  • Wherever
  • Because
  • After
  • While
  • So that
  • Since
  • Although
  • Where
  • Even though
  • Before

Where Can You Use a Complex Sentence Generator?

There are many different reasons to use our sentence generator from words online. It is a form of paraphrasing tool that will change your original wording while maintaining the original meaning. Unlike many other tools, however, it will also rearrange the order of the ideas and words within the sentences to make them complex rather than simply swapping words for synonyms and leaving them in the same place as they are in the original text. This makes it harder to recognize the new text as being a copy of what was originally written.

So we can use the generator to:

  • Make our writing longer; often we will want to increase the word count of our essay or paper. Many of the complex sentences generated will be longer than the ones that are generated helping you to reach the word count required of you.
  • Make your writing unique; avoiding plagiarism is often the aim of paraphrasing tools and our generator is no different. By also changing word order as well as the words used, the resulting text will be free of plagiarism.
  • To improve the writing style; often using complex sentences words will improve the quality of your writing and make it more impressive for your audience.
  • To change the voice of your writing; using quotations lifted from many sources within your writing will not impress the reader. Using a paraphrasing tool is far more effective.
  • To simplify the source text; often a complex sentence is actually easier to understand so you will make your new writing simpler for your audience.
  • Target a different audience; using a paraphrasing tool such as our complex sentence tool will help you to change your text to better suit your intended audience.

To learn how to write a complex sentence; of course, our tool will help you to better understand just how to form complex sentences when you are asked to provide them for an assignment.
complex sentence maker uses

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Writing

Of course, as with any other writing, there are many different mistakes that you could make when working with complex sentences. The following are some common ones that you should ensure that you avoid with your writing:

  • Mixing tenses between the different clauses within your sentences
  • Using incorrect verb forms when writing your complex sentences
  • Improper use of time clauses between the two parts of your sentence
  • Missing the use of commas after linking the two halves of your sentence

If you want to improve your writing and make it unique just use our complex sentence generator here on our site today!