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Our Rearrange Sentences Worksheet

Why do you need our rearrange sentences worksheet?

rearrange sentences worksheetParaphrasing can be an extremely difficult process to master effectively and many people will struggle to grasp the technique well enough to be able to change the original text so that it does not look like the original source, yet without changing its meaning. This form of academic writing is used for many different reasons as it stops the temptation to quote too much, helps the writer to grasp the full meaning of the original text, simplifies a piece of writing and can help to target an alternative audience.

how to rearrange the sentence


When completed properly, the paraphrased text is more concise than the original with a different sentence structure but still covering all the key points of the original text. Our professional writers are experts in providing rearranging sentences help to the highest of standards that incorporates all the criteria and information needed to craft the perfect paraphrased document. Our experts have used their profound knowledge and created some guidelines that will help you rearrange the sentences with answers to follow.

Our Best Help at Providing Rewording Tips

Many people believe that just by changing a few of the words, you can create a paraphrased text. However, paraphrasing is a lot more detailed than that and requires a lot more work from you. You need to alter the structure and change the order, but you also need to ensure that you keep the idea of the original author intact. Obviously, you can use some sentence rewriter, but to do it by yourself:

  • Start by carefully reading the work that you are going to paraphrase until you fully understand the meaning.
  • From memory, try and write down key words that capture the meaning of the work you are going to paraphrase.
  • Break down overly complex ideas into much smaller pieces.
  • Change the sentence style around by putting it in the opposite order.
  • Be clear that the ideas presented are attributed to the author by citing them clearly.
  • Re-work on the paraphrase until you have it worded clearly and make sense in relation to the rest of the workyou are writing.
  • Doublecheck to ensure it fairly represents the meaning of the original source, andavoids using the same words or phrasing.

With these points in mind you can start to make sense of what is required and expected to produce rewording that effectively keeps the original subject, but just simplifies it for a better understanding. Always remember that the main characterizations of paraphrased work are:

  • It should include only the author’s ideas.
  • It is accurate to the original and fairly represents it.
  • It is entirely in your own words.
  • It has been properly cited.

Rearrange the Sentences with Answers to Follow

  1. A local newspaper claims that 75% of all homeless people do not like homeless shelters and prefer to live as they do now.
  2. Ronny told his aunt that a bear had attacked him, which she found difficult to believe.
  3. Anyone who has ever driven through the Mojave Desert knows that one should always carry a supply ofextra water.
  4. Of the 138 million acres of land that Native Americans owned in 1887, 90 million acres were taken awayby whites by 1932.
  5. A woman who was nominated by the president to head the department was quickly approved by theboard of trustees.

All of our rewriting services are provided by some of the finest writers you will find anywhere else online. They are all higher degree holders within their subject areas and have a great amount of knowledge in all forms of academic writing. So for the rearrange sentences worksheet answers to compare your work with, get in touch with our support team now for a service you can trust and afford.

Answers to the Rearrange Sentences Worksheet

  1. An article in a local newspaper reports that three out of four homeless people think that the streets are better than the so-called homeless shelters.
  2. Ronny’s aunt did not really believe his story about the bear attack.
  3. The Mojave Desert is so hot that it is dangerous to try to cross it without plenty of water.
  4. By 1932, Native Americans had less than half of the land they had owned only 45 yearsearlier.
  5. The board of trustees agreed with the president to appoint a woman head of the department.

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