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Paraphrase Sample

Why Would You Need Paraphrasing Examples?

what is paraphrasingParaphrasing is when you repeat what has been said but you use your own wording. This wording should be different to the original but you must ensure that you repeat all of the meaning of the original writing or speech. Best paraphrase sample can show you just how different that wording should be. We do this for many different reasons such as to show that we understand what has been said, to make something simpler, or simply just to make it different to avoid any issues with copying or plagiarism. Students will use paraphrasing throughout their education rather than simply quoting what others have said verbatim as it allows them to maintain their own voice within their writing. Other writers such as online marketers use it extensively to be able to use their research and hard work in multiple locations online.

Paraphrasing seeks to repeat all of the points that are raised within the original and will usually result in a new piece of writing that is of a similar length. The structure of the writing, however, can be very different. This is very different from summarizing which will seek to draw out only the most important points and will dramatically reduce the length of the writing; you will often summarize whole books in just a few paragraphs.

Paraphrasing, however, is far more difficult than it first appears and it is something that many writers will struggle with. Many find that they will miss some of the points raised or they will change or add to what was said based on their own views.

They may also find that they will repeat large amounts of the original text verbatim as it is firmly lodged in their minds. This is why you may want to look at our paraphrasing examples and tips to get help with your own paraphrasing.

Can Paraphrasing Examples Help You?

A good sample of paraphrasing is an excellent way to understand just what is expected of you. It can show you just how different your wording needs to be and how you need to reorganize the ideas in the original text to make things unique. Paraphrasing samples are perfect ways to get to understand how your paraphrasing should be done.

What you should not do is copy samples that you see. Even copying a paraphrase would be considered plagiarism as you are copying what another has written.

Using Software to Paraphrase

text reproductionSoftware is freely available online for you to use with paraphrasing. However, it may be fast and free but it will rarely provide you with the results that you need. It works through word modification; it will go through the writing and swap words for synonyms. This may sound like a good way for unique text reproduction but it will often fail as most words have multiple meanings and the tool will not be able to figure out the correct context and select the right synonym. Most tools will repeatedly return text that is unusable and certainly not in your own writing style.

The following is an example of what a paraphrasing tool may return for you:

  • Original Text: “The operation was conducted at twelve hundred hours and was a complete success for the fifth airborne group.”
  • Example 1:The operation was directed at twelve hundred hours and was an entire accomplishment for the fifth airborne gathering.
  • Example 2:The operation was coordinated at twelve hundred hours and was a whole achievement for the fifth airborne social event.

As you can see not only does the tool change the text what it returns is often complete nonsense.

How to Paraphrase Successfully

how to paraphrase succesfullyPlagiarism rewording is not about simply swapping words for synonyms even if you do select ones with a correct meaning. Just changing “Lazy dog” to “Sleepy canine” does not make things unique. It will also not necessarily fool any check for plagiarism.

Paraphrasing is really far more like a translation than anything else. You need to understand the meaning of something and then translate it into your own language and writing style. The following steps will help you with ensuring that your paraphrasing is done well:

  • Read the source material until you are confident that you fully understand what it means; you must be able to identify all of the individual points within the original text and understand them all.
  • Identify who your intended audience is and your reason for rewriting as this will guide you with how you will rewrite the information you are looking at.
  • Go through the source text and make brief notes in your own words of each of the individual points that have been raised.
  • Reorder your notes into a logical flow for your rewriting; this can be very different to the original text as your rephrased work does not have to be in the same order.
  • Rewrite the information referring only to your own notes and not to the source material.
  • Compare the original and rewritten text and make any alterations if you unintentionally repeated any of the original wording.
  • Proofread your refined text material to ensure that it is totally free of any writing problems.

We Can Provide Professional Support with Your Paraphrasing

writing styleWriting a paraphrase is something that too many writers find both difficult and also time-consuming. Our specialized services are provided through staff that are highly specialized and hold post graduate degrees within the areas in which they work and have many years of paraphrasing experience. They will work with you through our services to provide you with paraphrasing that will be perfectly targeted to your audience as well as being unique and well written. All of the work that is provided through our services is put through proofreading to ensure there are no errors and we provide a plagiarism report to confirm that it is totally unique. We provide you with unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied and will always deliver to you on time. Not only that we will provide you with a full money back guarantee based on your total satisfaction with our support.

If you feel that you will struggle to match any paraphrase sample just contact our specialists here today for reliable and affordable help that will always deliver the best possible rewriting for your needs.