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Reword Sentence Generator

Why Would You Use a Paraphrase Online Generator?

Paraphrasing is when you change the wording of something so that it is unique to you. Your aim is to preserve the meaning of the original text while making the writing totally different. We do this in many areas of writing and the technique is used by everyone from students to professional writers.

Sentence rewording online is however far harder to do than many people realize and this is why many will turn to a reword sentence generator for help. Most people when they try paraphrasing for the first time will struggle to make their wording unique. They will reuse much of the original text and fail to make their work plagiarism free. They may also make the meaning very different by changing some of the points or adding to them with their own ideas.


Because of the difficulties involved with making writing unique many will turn to a generator to reword online. Some 52% of students admit to cheating through plagiarism. A generator can help you to ensure that your reworded text is totally different to the original; although you should still provide a citation to give gredit to where you took the information from.

What Do People Use Rewording Generators For?

We use paraphrasing for a wide range of reasons and a reword a paragraph generator can help with most of them in one way or another. Generators are usually free to use and will often give you results in just a few seconds. They can be used for:

  • Rewording sentences and paragraphs for use in larger reports
  • Rewording essays and papers to make them unique so that they can be reused
  • Rewording web pages so that they can be used elsewhere online without penalty

Rewording generators and article spinning software is becoming easier to access and more and more used by students and others online.

How to Use Our Reword a Paragraph Generator

how to use reword generatorNothing could be simpler than using our generator. It is suitable for rewording a single sentence through to a lengthy paper. Simply copy and paste your original text into the space provided on the generator and click go after you have answered the security question or captcha.

The software will then quickly process your text to provide you with uniquely worded results that will show as being plagiarism free. You should however always check through the results to ensure that what it has produced is suitable for your uses.

How Effective Is Using a Rewording Generator?

changing the word orderThe way that a generator works is actually very simple. It goes through the original text and will change a percentage of the words for synonyms; words that mean the same. While this may actually sound like a great way of rewording it rarely works well. While the resulting text is unique it will often read as complete nonsense or will have a very changed meaning. The reason for this is that most words have many different meanings depending on where and how they are used. Imagine words such as “jam” is this jelly, forcing something into a tight space, or something that you will find on road? A generator will often turn your traffic jam into a traffic jelly making it complete nonsense.

Software while getting smarter and more effective still cannot actually understand what has been written. A generator will also do no sentence restructuring. You will have a new piece of writing with the exact same number of sentences and paragraphs, very similar number of words and all of the points arranged in exactly the same order. Even if many of the words are unique it will still look very similar to the original and may even be easy to spot as a copy by someone familiar with the original text. If you want to do true paraphrasing that is going to be useable for your intended audience then you will need to have it done by a person and not by a machine. Paraphrasing is not simply about changing the word order or swapping words for synonyms. It is about understanding.sentence restructuring

Paraphrasing has more to do with translation than anything else; you seek to repeat something’s meaning in your own language so that someone will understand it. This requires more than simply swapping words and a little sentence restructuring. True paraphrasing requires you to fully understand both the source text and what your audience is looking for.  Often when we paraphrase we are seeking to simplify what has been written or to target a different audience. This requires us to have to think about the words and phrasing that we will use in our paraphrase so that they will be suitable for our audience. This is something that the generator just cannot do.

We Can Help You with Accurate and Well Written Paraphrasing

original textWe offer support for your paraphrasing through some of the best qualified and experienced rewriting specialists that you will find online. We will always review your requirements and assign an expert that is post graduate degree qualified and highly experienced in the area of your writing so that they can fully understand what the source text is saying. They will work through our members area with you to ensure that they know who your intended audience is so that they can help you to put together a paraphrase that will be perfect for your uses. All help is always given to your requirements and if you feel that any changes are required then we offer an unlimited number of revisions until you are sure that your paraphrase is what you are looking for.

We provide you with free paraphrase sampleproofreading, and plagiarism testing on all of our fully confidential services so that you can be sure that your rewritten text is error free and unique for your uses. We always deliver to you on time and our services are covered by our full satisfaction money back guarantee allowing you to order help from us with confidence.

If you are not happy with the results of our reword sentence generator just get in touch with our specialists for top quality useable paraphrasing that you can trust.